Diabetes Back

Diabetes can be managed when you follow the proper nutrition, take insulin or other medication prescribed and incorporate physical activities into your daily routine. Our Diabetes Education Program will provide you with a group of health care professionals who are from different areas of specialization. They will support and assist you in managing your diabetes in the right way so you can lead a better and happier lifestyle.

We provide you a Registered Dietician who is trained in food and nutrition. They are recognized as experts in translating scientific, medical and nutrition information into a simple way of understanding how to manage nutrition. They can create a link to understand the relationship between food and your health. They will help you prepare a plan that is dedicated to fulfilling your needs based on your desired weight, lifestyle, medication, other health concerns and health goals. They will help you make daily nutritious decisions that meet your needs and mange the blood sugars.

A Registered Nurse that specializes in understanding diabetes will teach you how to monitor blood glucose, types and benefits of physical activities, regular complications that come out of uncontrolled diabetes and how to monitor and prevent these complications. The Registered Nurse will have expertise in diabetes based medication, various insulin and other injectable treatments, insulin initiation, insulin titration and glucometer teaching.

We provide access to a chiropodist (a foot care specialist) that will check the health of your feet, treat any problems they find and provide information on how to care for your feet on an ongoing basis.

A diabetes receptionist will book your appointment with the diabetes team and assist you through understanding what is required, the visits, the doctors you'll meet and how to register for the process.