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The Dr Seegobin Medical Clinic provides clinical and social services in Woodbridge and Georgetown. At Dr Seegobin Medical Clinic, we are happy to offer walk in services to our family practice patients as well as patients in Woodbridge and Georgetown, Canada. With extended hours our medical clinic, doctor office, pediatrician clinic and emergency clinic is staffed with a medical doctors, male doctor, lady doctor, walk in doctor and female pediatrician to offer the best care possible.Our main focus is to provide services to those who are facing barriers accessing health care. Our main focus is youth, seniors and people with mental and health addiction issues. At The Dr Seegobin Medical Clinic, we provide services that are different in nature - we believe in providing professionals that speak different languages, a safe and accessible haven. We have expanded through collaborations with community-based health and social service organizations. We believe in being community involved and assisting those that require help. Our walk in clinic and medical clinic is happy to offer many services. Due to the nature of a walk in clinic we do our best to estimate wait times.

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